Effective Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement


20-minute Module20-minute Module
Online LearningOnline Learning
Interactive AssessmentsInteractive Assessments
Certificate of CompletionCertificate of Completion



Dive deeper into the important topic of Stakeholder Engagement, and gain tips and techniques to support your water stewardship journey.

In this online training module, you will learn about:

  • What we mean by a ‘stakeholder’
  • What we mean by ‘stakeholder engagement’
  • How stakeholder engagement fits in the AWS Standard
  • Tips and techniques regarding effective stakeholder engagement and
  • How and where to find out more

Supporting materials:

The AWS Standard General Guidance includes a special section on Stakeholder Engagement with additional detail on this important topic.

To support your learning from this training module, you can download a copy, along with the AWS Standard, at a4ws.org, or alternatively you can access the AWS E-Standard and Guidance (an online interactive version of the AWS Standard 2.0 and its Guidance).