Spotlight on Building Water Context into Strategy & Targets




The Planetary Boundaries (PB) concept posited that for humanity to continue to develop and thrive, our collective demands on certain earth system processes (or boundaries) must be contained within certain limits – this includes the freshwater system.

While the PB concept is useful, it has led to a narrow focus on performance targets. WWF believes that in the absence of a business water strategy that embeds the principles of the PBs into the core of the business processes, any water-related targets (Contextual or Science-Based) are likely to yield less impact for both businesses and nature. Building on this logic, this webinar will put forward practical ways in which a business can begin to create more resource-efficient and impactful business water strategies and targets that leverage water context and begin to set the stage for Science-Based Targets for Water (SBTWs).

-Sarah Wade, Strategic Programs Manager at AWS (Chair)
-Rylan Dobson, Water Stewardship Manager at WWF (Main presenter)

This webinar is part of a webinar series offered by AWS and RBA, which aims to increase water stewardship awareness and action in the ICT Sector. However, the content of this webinar will also be of interest to those outside of the ICT Sector, so registration is open to all AWS and RBA Members. It will be of particular interest to anyone with responsibility for water stewardship activity within their organisation, including businesses seeking to develop or improve their water stewardship strategy and organizations who work alongside sites implementing water stewardship.