AWS Forum 2020 – Member Session: WWF Presents Linking Water Stewardship and Resilience Planning: Concepts, Processes and Tools




By bridging existing water stewardship and climate resilience concepts and language, WWF will outline a four-step process to help companies embed climate resilience into their water stewardship strategies. As part of this process, WWF will provide insights on how the new scenarios in the Water Risk Filter tool can help companies better understand future water risks and inform their resilience planning as recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

By unpacking concepts, processes and tools, WWF invites AWS members to discuss jointly on how water stewardship efforts can seek to better embrace climate resilience thinking.

-Alexis Morgan, WWF Water Stewardship Lead
-Ariane Laporte-Bisquit, WWF Water Risk Filter Project Manager